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Metallic Child is a meta-fiction logue-lite game.

You happen to help out with the connected Android 'Rona' to help her with her.
What secrets do she have about the Metallic Child project?

The player approaches the truth of the story by fighting or talking with her.

You're the only one who can help her.

Meta-fiction style story telling.

The Player will assist Rona in the task.

Rona will ask you many questions and you will have to answer.

These answers affect the game.

A battle system that is like a fighting game.

If your enemy is defending, you can catch them and throw them.
If an enemy attacks low, they should jump off or defend themselves.

This rule is like a fight game and will excite you.

A lot of weapons and a lot of skill.

There are four types of weapons, and there are dozens of different types of variegation for each weapon.
Each of these weapons has its own skill. You have to make this skill your own!

Strengthening by eating enemy cores.

Rona can be enhanced by eating cores that enemies have.
This core has a wide variety of capacities.
From something very powerful to something that weakens her!



Screen Shot

Game Information

Developer / Studio HG

Publisher / TBD

Platform / PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox one

Release date / Early 2021

Players / Single

Press Kit

Game Trailers + Game Logo + Studio Logo + Screenshots

Awards & Exhibition


This is the Metallic Child Community in DISCORD. We look forward to your participation!

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