Having started this game,
you accidentally connected with the android “Rona” who is seeking help in the Universe.

Controlling Rona who is unable to move on her own, you helped her in fighting against
the rebellions of man-made robots in the space laboratory “Life Stream”
With the use of various weapons and core abilities in defeating huge enemies,
You are getting closer to the truth behind the rebellion.

You are the only one who can help her.

――Are you ready?

To help Rona’s mission, you must make good use with

numerous weapons and items, as well as the surrounding equipment.


Each weapon has their own unique skills,

using the weapons skillfully and mastering

the powerful grasping technique,

you will be able to participate and

enjoy the high-tempo battles.


Also, we have prepared various difficulty levels for

players, so that even those who are not good at

roguelike genres and action games can enjoy this game.

Throw the grabbed enemy at other enemies

to activate the throw action!

Break through with the unique skills of each weapon!

Utilize the aviator and equipment available on the stage!

Defeating the boss to get the “Core Jam” which carries

enormous amount of energy.

Over 10 types of boss will appear in the game, each of them

possesses spectacular unique skills.


Obtaining the jam after defeating the boss,

allows you to acquire their skills as well!

Seize the costumes and skills from the Boss!

Raging attacks by the boss!

Various features are hidden within the

energy-containing ball “Core”.

Rona can acquire new powers through eating (?) other robots!


Depending on the core to be installed,

Rona's performance will also change correspondingly,

so try fighting your enemies with different strategies

in every battle!

Bugs may occur when installing the core!??

Depending on the mini core and

super core seized from enemies,

completely different training is possible for each play

You can control Rona remotely after connecting with her.

Help Rona and solve the unfolding

massive rebellion in the Life Stream.


Meet various people with Rona,

and uncover the truth hidden in the Life Stream!

Help the NPC and clear the missions!

Talk with Rona so as the uncover the truth of the rebellion.



Introducing the characters of Metallic Child



Android created in the Project “Metallic Child”

and she has emotions like a human child.


Sees the scientist “Irene” who created her as her mother.

Rona is fond of Irene and is willing to follows her orders.


On that day, inside the universe laboratory “Life Stream”,

rebellions took place.

Knowing that it was led by Irene, Rona tried to stop her,

but was attacked and destroyed by other Irene-made robots.


Being trapped in a laboratory that interferes

with the communication functions,

Rona tried her best to send out a signal for rescue.

By accidentally connecting with you,

the light of hope inside her had lit up.



A Robot created by Irene to give Rona a company.

Supports Rona with a vast array of knowledge,

Rona’s best friend who is very considerate and takes care of Rona.


Seeing how Rona was carelessly treated by people in the laboratory,

Pan do not trust humans and stay vigilant constantly.


To stop the rebellion in the spaceship,

Pan supported Rona in clearing the missions.


Gamer who bought this game “Metallic Child”, started playing with it,

and accidentally connected with Rona.


By holding the game controller on Earth,

you controlled Rona remotely and tried hard in stopping

the rebellions on the ship.


Have a nosy personality.

Although generally being a person full of confidence,

you show disappointment at times.

Appear to be a positive thinking person,

but clearly you have dark sides too.




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PC / Nintendo Switch™/ Play Station®


Rogue-Lite Core Action Game

Single player


English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese












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